Thank You

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and 2017 KJ Life Flag Football Tournament would like to thank all of our very generous donors and volunteers!

***Previous years donors are listed in the Flag Football archives; they have allowed our foundation to meet our goals and make Kenneth proud.  We are forever grateful.

2017 Corporate Donors


 Orthopaedic Sports Specialists




Friend to Everyone

 Dr Tony Alessi


Other Business Donors

Smith Brothers Insurance



2017 Friends and Family Donors


Larry and Jean Lutz
Adam and Lisa Morgan
The Cooper Family
The McCallum Family





John Sweet
Frank and Annette Joyce
Jae and Kerry Lorenzet
Brian and Patricia Kearney
The Bucior Family
John and Maria Volle
Bob and Stephanie Howard
Jeff and Amy Brown
Pete and Laurie Boyd






Friend to Everyone

Leona and Harris Marcus
Matt, Abbie and Toby Bushley
Richard Geer
Colleen Flannery
Peter Scalaro
Bob and Julia Rosner
Lou and Judith Colasante
The Edwards Family
The Quigley Family
Carol and Albert Curran
Dennis Culhane
Bob and Lucia Focht
Brad and Nancy Peters
Chris and Ray Jackson
Christina Chapman
The Rotelli Family












Other Donors

Richard and Beth Dayton
Kristin Baran
Barbara Allison
Randall Risinger
Chales Weidman
Maria Douet
Jennifer Bricker
Joe Nuzzolo
Mark Bonadies
The Moreau Family
The D'Ambrosio Family
Jim and Sari Rosokoff
Jodi Tomany
Ingred Maclean
Michelle Carroll
Kelley Butler
Amy Somberg
Jennifer Anglim
Raymond Radikas
Caitlin Updike



KJ Life Bottled Spring Water

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation is selling our own branded spring water thru glasĀ® water.  The bottles are BPA free and are completely recyclable (including the lids).  If you, your business or your organization is interested in selling our water please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange for delivery by the case.