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The Kenneth Joyce Foundation is involved in several other meaningful and memorable events.

2016 Leadership Conferences:

Our Leadership Development program is tailored to each group or team-Peer Ed, teen residents of The Village, Glastonbury Youth Football, Glastonbury Youth Cheerleading, GHS Basketball, GHS Cheerleading, GHS Baseball.  Gino Caro discussed leadership behaviors and how each member of the team is a leader as they influence their team toward the achievment of a common goal.  Gino deals with any special issues tht each group is facing.  Feedback has been positive and we look forward to reaching more organizations in the future.




The Annual Memorial Blood Drive

Held February 11th from 1:30-6 PM we collected 87 usable pints!  Thanks to our Chairpersons: Tessa Plumber, Griffin Kretzmer and Alia Hurley they had over 100 donors show up (more than the Red Cross could handle.....Next year we've been promised more staff)

Tessa, Griffin and Alia recruited an incredible number of donors, snack bakers, sandwich makers, and volunteers to help with everything from check-in to serving drinks and snacks.  What a great way to be a "Friend to Everyone" by actually saving lives!



Chris Herren visited us again in 2016

After the overwhelming positive feedback last year The Kenneth Joyce Foundation was proud to work with Glastonbury Kids for Kids to sponsor Chris Herren, former NBA player with the Denver Nuggets and the Boston Celtics at Smith Middle School again this winter.  With the increase in addiction throughout the country and in our community his message is more critical than ever.  Mr. Herren spoke on taking the first beer, telling the fist lie to parents, gateway drugs, bullying and cutting.  His powerful message led to questions from 7th and 8th grade students as well as a continued message with "Team Purple" that began at Smith this year.




The Foundation hosted our 4th Memorial Blood drive on February 11, 2015
Thank you to our Tri-Chairs: Tessa Plummer, Griffin Kretzmer and Alexis Segal; they managed to recruit over 85 donors and 30 volunteers for another life changing/ life saving blood drive.  Thanks to their hard work the American Red Cross obtained 69 usable pints of blood (the average blood drive collects an average 25-40).  Making a positive change in peoples lives is a perfect way to remember Kenneth.  Thank You to all who donated.


Former NBA Star Speaks to Glastonbury Students About Substance


Chris Herren, former NBA player with the Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets is the focus of the Emmy nominated ESPN documentry Unguarded spoke to the student body of Smith Middle School as well as guests from GHS and the Glastonbury Police Department on March 6, 2015. Herren is now a motivational speaker, author and sobriety advocate who struggled with substance abuse for much of his basketball career.  He shared his harrowing story of abuse and recovery.   He addressed drunk driving, gateway drugs, peer pressure, bullying and cutting. The Kenneth Joyce Foundation came together with G'Bury Kids for Kids to support this tremendous event.

Mr Herren spoke to all of the aspects of KJLIFE:
Leadership: I look at those of you who have peer pressure to have a beer, smoke weed but say no; I say You're the super-hero, you're the rock star!  Confident people don't need drugs or alcohol.  People who are confident don't need to bully anyone, don't need to put anybody down.  In fact they stick up for people who are treated badly or left out.  Those people know that they are GOOD ENOUGH.  It's hard to be 13-17 but there are no problems that you face that drugs or alcohol will make better.
Inspiration: Be good enough.  Like yourself enough, just they way you are.  You don't need drugs or alcohol to be liked, to be pretty, to have friends.
Friendship: If you're my friend you like me enough, just they way I am.  If you're my friend you won't try to change me, to make me different with drugs or alcohol.


Leadership Development Program 2015:
We have paired with Gino Caro to provide custom leadership develpment programs that are directed specifically to each club, organization or team.  Gino spoke with 22 of our future organization leaders in January, all of whom endorsed the program.  In April he spoke with GHS Peer Ed; this group of leaders discussed leadership attributes,, people who had influenced their leadership and the challenges that they face in their role as peer mentor.

Camp Kenneth

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation is proud to sponsor Glastonbury Youth Football Association (GYFA) with their 3-day football camp for the A and B teams.  This camp provides the opportunity for teammates to develop both football and life skills including those which encompass the premise of KJ LIFE: Leadership, Inspiration and Friend to Everyone.  At the end of the weekend the team captains are announced.  Many of us remember the pride and happiness Kenneth felt when he was named captain of the State Champion Team in 2007, this is a great opportunity to share his pride with the youth football players here in Glastonbury.


In Loving Memory the Kenneth Joyce Annual Memorial Blood Drive

IMG 1559IMG 1561

The Leadership Club hosted the 2nd annual blood drive in February.  
"You guys rock! We had an even better drive this year than last. Thank you so much for your hard work on recruiting people to come and donate. It couldn't have come at a more critical time for the red Cross! 89 good pints were collected! It's such a pleasure to work with you, your friends are terrific and very good workers!"
Joanne Krekian, Account Manager American Red Cross Blood Services

After exceeding the goal for units collected last year we collected even more!  Nearly double the number of units that are collected in a normal blood drive!  Our Leadership Club and their volunteers checked donors in, assisted them as needed, registered them for future donations, prepared and served wonderful food for everyone there. 


Our First Memorial Blood Drive in Loving Memory of Kenneth Joyce was held on February 16, 2012



The blood drive was a huge success with 79 usable units of blood (the average donation site obtains 45). There were 30 first time donors, many of them Kenneth's friends who, at age 17, are now eligible to donate. Jeffrey and Justin gathered 30 volunteers from the leadership club and beyond to help make the drive a success. Thank you to all those who so graciously donated blood and time, and to Joanne Krekian from the American Red Cross.

leadership1The Leadership Club
President: Jeffrey Joyce

Vice President: Ben Colasante

The leadership Club meets twice each month at the Glastonbury YMCA. Our first meeting was September 20th at 6:30-7:30PM. All middle school and high school students are invited.

The leadership club emphasizes The Kenneth Joyce Foundation mission to promote KJ LIFE, Leadership, Inspiration and Friend to Everyone combines with the four character values of the YMCA; Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Together this teen-led club provides the opportunity for leadership, community service and mentoring.

Our Dedicated Committee chairs include: Ben Colasante: Gillette Stadium fundraising event to support "Strong Kids." Several of our club members volunteered at Gillette Stadium for two playoff games. They worked in the concession stand setting up prior to game time and serving food and beverages throughout the game. They managed to see a little of the game also!!

Justin Kretzmer and Jeffrey Joyce: 1st Memorial Blood Drive for Kenneth on February 16, 2012. The blood drive was a huge success, 79 usable donations (TWICE the average donation site) including 30 new donors.

Teen Leaders are 5th through 12th graders that meet and talk about themselves and the world around them. Since we are a YMCA organization, we emphasize the character traits of the YMCA, which are Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. This service club allows for the opportunity for mentoring and requires a minimum number of hours volunteering to remain active. Planning trips and rallies in NY & MA are also what make this the place to be. Membership in the club is all year long, and anyone can join at any time. Click here for more information.

wyatt1Project Run-Wyatt
As Wyatt McCallum’s senior project at D.W. Daniel High School in South Carolina Wyatt challenged himself with the athletic goal to run the 2nd annual Clemson Easter Bunny Run Half-Marathon. Wyatt had always been an athlete, playing JV and Varsity baseball for the Daniel Lions, as well as playing on a showcase travel baseball team for four years. As part of his project he decided to raise money for the KJ Life Foundation. The Joyce and McCallum families met when we were living in Birmingham, AL in 1994. At the time, Wyatt was three years old and Kenneth was just a baby. Although our families live far apart, we have stayed in touch throughout the years and have met at the beach several times. Wyatt chose to raise money for KJ Life as a way to honor Kenneth’s spirit of adventure, kindness, and leadership. Wyatt successfully completed his half marathon and made a generous contribution to the KJ Life. The Kenneth Joyce Foundation wishes Wyatt continued success as he continues his path of LIFE: leadership, inspiration and friend to everyone at Northwestern University in Chicago.

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