The Flag Football Tournament


Registration is closed to additional teams.

Players can only register for existing teams already registered at the event.

Once the game schedules have been finalized we will be able to confirm if all entered teams can be accomodated. Tournament participation will be on a first come basis.

8th Annual KJ Life Flag Football Tournament :: Saturday, June 18, 2016



Please note: Because we need emergancy contact information as well as agreement to particiapte each participant must have a parent or guardian register them for the tournament.  While registering you will have the opportuntiy to write your team name, that way we will hold a postion for your team while the remaining team members complete their registraion.  You do not need to have the team register at once!

Don't miss out on the team photos!  They are a fantastic keepsake of the day, every team will have the chance to be photographed.

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Our Volunteers

The Joyce Family would like to acknowledge the committee members for their dedication to the Foundation and to the memory of Kenneth. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, your devotion means more than we can say.

  • Jeff Anderson
  • Will and Sheryl Anthony
  • Alex and Stacey Britnell
  • Wendy Burnham
  • Dan and Amy Colasante
  • Kristin Cunningham
  • Kim Dalton
  • Carl and Becky Drury
  • Jim Fromme
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  • Mike and Kim Ingenito
  • Jeff and Cindy Kretzmer
  • Hans Kretzmer
  • Brad and Nancy Peters
  • Debbie Riggot
  • Jill Rocco
  • Lisa Solecki
  • Chip and Betsy Ware

Our Committee thanks all of the volunteers... and there are lots of you... each of you are wonderful!!