About Kenneth

Kenneth was born May 23rd, 1994. He was welcomed into this world by his parents, Michael and Pam and his two brothers Thomas and Steven, loving grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. From the minute Kenneth was born he brought energy and excitement into every minute of every day. Just before Kenneth was two he welcomed another brother, Jeffrey into our family. Kenneth had a fierce love for his immediate and his extended family and treasured every visit with them. He introduced his grandparents as “this is my Grandma and Grandpa and I love them very much.” As Kenneth grew he expanded his world to include friends, teammates, classmates, coaches and teachers. He was able to share his love for life with everyone through his enthusiasm: skipping instead of walking, humming and singing instead of talking and smiling almost every minute of every day. Virtually every note we received from his classmates mentioned his smile. Kenneth’s smile was unique because it was not just his mouth, or even just his face and eyes but he managed a whole body smile, a little bounce he had. Somehow his smile invited all of us to join in and share his enthusiasm for life. Kenneth loved life. He was the first up, first dressed, first to finish a meal.  His enthusiasm was often times shown as an intense competitive spirit. Kenneth competed at everything, but he was not a vicious competitor; he was a gracious and giving competitor. It was Kenneth’s inner peace, his peace with the world around him, that is what gave him such grace.

Kenneth left this world February 19, 2008, on a day filled with sunshine, the cloudless blue sky opened up and welcomed him into heaven. We were just beginning to see the man he was to become.

Kenneth’s legacy will be through those who have been touched by his love and through this foundation started in his name; allowing the leadership, inspiration and friendship that Kenneth lived by to be shared with people who did not have the opportunity to know Kenneth.