2016 Flag Football Tournament

Thank you for a an amazing turnout for our 8th tournament on June 18, 2016.  We had 575 participants on 81 teams and 151 games played!

Congratulations to the 2016 Champions:

Youth: Brothers Who Ball
Middle: Do You Lax Bro
Senior: Doughboys
Best T-Shirt design: Keep Calm and Score On

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and 2016 KJ Life Flag Football Tournament would like to thank all of our very generous donors and volunteers!

***Previous years donors are listed in the Flag Football archives; they have allowed our foundation to meet our goals and make Kenneth proud.  We are forever grateful.

2016 Corporate Donors



Orthopaedic Sports Specialists


Woodland Anesthesiology Associates

Orthopedic Associates of Hartford

Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute





Jackson Lews, Attorneys at Law Meredian Healthcare Solutions


Friend to Everyone

Dr. Tony Alessi

Glastonbury Rotary Club

Sumerset Dental Group

Breg Inc.

Smart Start Pediatrics


Johnson Brunetti

Dental Doctors of Sumerset






Other Business Donors

Smith Brothers Insurance CT Orthopaedic Society



2016 Friends and Family Donors


Larry and Jean Lutz

The Reardon Family

The Cooper Family

Michael and Lisa Riggs

Kristen Zarfos and William Vasiliou

Carl and Becky Drury

Sean and Nadine McCallum

The Anthony Family

Elizabeth and David Mercier

Gordon and Kimberley Zimmermann

The Scarangella Family

Adam and Lisa Morgan

The Barriss Family

The Caron Family

The Hustick Family



Frank and Annette Joyce

Barry and Gerri Messinger

Brian and Patricia Kearney

The Taylor Family

John and Maria Volle

Mark and Janet Bucior

Deena Casiero

Bob and Stephanie Howard

The Colasante Family

Marie and Bill Bloom

Prasad and Kala Srinivasan

The Boyd Family

Chip and Betsy Ware


Amy and Jeff Brown

The Blanchette Family

Carol and Albert Curran

The LeClaire Family

Tracy Violo

Gayle and David Stebbins


Friend to Everyone

Marcus and Leona Harris

Dave and Suzanne Yeo

Angie and Ted Augustino

Culhane Family

MickeyLou and Doug McDaniel

Lori and Marty Edwards

Joe and Yara Montminy

Kathy and Kevin Kane

Collen and Jeffrey Schena

Robert and Lucia Focht

The Wohler Family

Beth and James Joyce

Chris and Ray Jackson

Judith and Lou Colasante

Jim and Deb Mahoney

The Donavan Family

Bradley and Nancy Peters

Steve and Kiley Rotelli

Guy Carbone

Dale and Michelle Lutz

Teri Deehan

Matt and Ingred Metell

Kim and Bob Quigley


Larry and Diane Longenecker

Mark and Janey Ostrowski

Cathy and Mike Lutz

The Biglin Family

THe Haskell Family

Kevin and Anita Horigan

Kathy and Kevin Kane

Hans and Diane Kretzmer

Jay and Kerry Lorenzet

Jeff and Cindy Kretzmer

Oliver Snider


Other Donors

Doherhy Family

Chris and Gina D'Ambrosio

The Malsky Family

James and Sari Rosokoff

The Casey-Butler Family

The Jennings Family

The Kiely Family

The Peoples Family

The Giliberto Family

The Allison Family

The Cooper Family

The Sullivan Family

The Hamon Family

The Pitkin Family

The Colantonio Family

The Modleskey Family

The Douet Family

Caitlin Updick

The Somberg Family

The Davis Family

The Cesena Family

The Bonsall Family

The Radikas Family

The Bridgeford Family

The Dalessio Family

John and Bernie Slattery

The Amirault Family

The Powers Family

The Goodhue Family

The Molusis Family

The Lanata Family

The Andrade Family

The Phaion Family

The Goodwin Family

The Bankowski Family

The Skully Family

The Kiniry Family

Dan Stebbins and Whitney Hardy

The Gehrhardt Family

Mike Allison

The Stella Family

The Rigatti Family

The Marsee Family

The Pezzente Family

The Kirk Family

Gino Caro

The Nargi Family

The Fontana Family

The Castanza Family

The Cecere Family

The Karabetsos Family

The Neri Family

Campbell and Bonnie Peterson

The Galamgam Family

The Baker Family 

The Harmon Family

The Kridler Family

The LaManna Family

The Baran Family

The Lips Family

Dick and Judy Stuckey

The Januario Family

The Marsian Family

The Margaglione Family

The Parmelee Family

The Bridgeford Family

The Dalessio Family

The Poners Family

Susan and Allan Karp

The Sutton Family

The LeBlanc Family

The Molusis Family

The O'Brian Family

Lisa Gleason

The Branson Family

The Kandro Family

The Girolamo Family

The Moreau Family

In Memory of John. E D'Arrigo

The Chisholm Family