2015 Flag Football Tournament

Our 7th Annual Flag Football Tournament was a great day filled with sunshine, smiles, great food, great friends and family.  And lots of FOOTBALL! We had 83 teams and 208 volunteers. WOW!

Congratulations to the 2015 Winners:

Senior Bracket Winner: TMT
Middle Bracket Winner: D1Bound
Youth Bracket Winner: KJKings
Voted Best Team Name: KJ for Drury
Voted Best T-Shirt: The Royals

Volunteers face-painting, cooking food, scooping ice cream, capturing the day with photos, spraying sunscreen, treating minor injuries, managing the parking, selling raffle items, bouncing in the inflatable, throwing footballs with the UCONN football team, registering teams, managing the brackets, making announcements, and serving cake for #kindnessforkenneth.  Among the volunteers were all of Kenneth's grandparents and several of his Aunts, Uncles and cousins; no doubt that everyone felt his sunshine throughout the day!  Thank you for sharing him with us!

Special Thanks to our 2015 Friends and Family Donors:The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and 2015KJ Life Flag Football Tournament would like to thank all of our very generous donors and volunteers!



Jeff and Chris Anderson
Will and Sheryl Anthony
Dan and Amy Colasante
Colin and JeanMarie Cooper
Rachael Donovan
Carl and Becky Drury
Larry and Jean Lutz
Sean and Nadine McCallum
David and Beth Mercier
Adam and Lisa Morgan
Reardon Family Trust Kristin Zarfos
Gordon and Kimbery Zimmerman



Jeff and Amy Brown
Steve and Janet Bucior
Bob and Stephanie Howard
Frank and Annette Joyce
Brian and Patricia Kearney
Scott and Noraleen Le Claire
Jim and Debbie Mahoney
Michael and Lisa Riggs
The Roto Family
Prasad Srinivasan
Chip and Betsy Ware


Friend to Everyone:

Ernie and Cara Andreoli
Ted and Angie Augustinos
Denis and Joann Biglin
Ken and Pat Cheloha
Nick & Ben Colasante
Dennis Culhane
Marty and Laurie Edwards
Marina Finamore
Bob and Lucia Focht
Jim and Pam Fromme
Barry and Judy Haskell
Jim and Beth Joyce
Kathy and Kevin Kane
Rick and Julie Kaplan
Allen and Susan Karp
Hans and Diane Kretzmer
Jeff and Cindy Kretzmer
Justin & Griffin Kretzmer
Larry and Diane Longenecker
Jae and Kerry Lorenzet
Dale and Michelle Lutz
Mike and Gina Marushack
Doug and MickeyLou McDaniel
Nancy and Brad Peters
Mary and Bob Place
Bob and Kim Quigley
John and Christine Radocchia
Tom and Helen Rimsa
Bob and Julia Rosner
Steve and Kiley Rotelli
Jeff and Colleen Schena
Tom and Shannon Taylor
The Wigglesworth Family
John and Pandora Wohler
David and Suzanne Yeo


Other Donors:

Cathy Peoples
Gino Caro
Jennifer Beachemin
Patricia Hendrickson
Salvatore Neri
Michelle Souder
Bob Kreiger
Mary Kearney-Davoren
Kathleen Lamanna
Karen Mesile
Terry Fontaine
Katherine Molusis
Judy and Dick Stuckey
Alex Grubka
Victoria Baker 
Anna George
Elizabeth Lavalette
Maureen Kiniry
Audrey Kefer 
Jack and Dolly Dutton
Jennifer Anglim
Jane Mastromarino
Robert Brown
Kathleen Clemens
Barbara Kapustka
Connor Crouse

Helen Taylor
John Lavalette
Betty Davis
Lisa Gleason
Matthew Jennings
Stacie Sullivan
Stacy Lanata
Marela Hexti
Suzanne Lips
Joey McGarry
Stephanie Bonsall
Erika Howard
Cheryl Harman
Kim Kelly
Cindy Cole
Kenneth Larose
Lisa Pavano
Patricia Kula
Janelle Francisco
Elizabeth Lundy
Moreau Family
Paul Bourdoulous
Karen Tiernan
Rehka Agrawal
The D’Ambrosio Family
Judith Kuzmenko in memory of Frank Likovola


Special Thanks to our 2015 Corporate Donors:


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