2013 Flag Football Tournament

Our 5th Flag Football Tournament was a great day filled with sunshine,
smiles, great food, great friends and family.  And lots of FOOTBALL! 

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners:

Youth Division: G'bury Gunners
Middle Division: Dog Pound
Senior Division: Savage Patch Kids

June 15th from sunrise to sunset was a sucess due to hard work and planning by several people as well as donations from Business, Friends and Family.  All of us deeply involved with The Kenneth Joyce Foundation thank each one of you for your dedication to the memory of Kenneth, without you a day like we all shared would not have been possible.

KJ Life Flag Football 2013 Video
"It changes your perspective on everything"
"Kenneth's looking down, he's lovin it!"

Video courtsey of Dave and Saunder Barnicle

2013 Team Pictures

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and 2013 KJ Life Flag Football Tournament would like to thank all of our very generous donors and volunteers!

Special Thanks to our 2013 Friends and Family Donors:



Safe Grad Class of 2012
Lisa and Brian King
Adam an Lisa Morgan
Sean and Nadine McCallum
Steve and Angela Scarangella
Colin and JeanMarie Cooper
Dan and Amy Colasante 
Bob and Lisa Shettle   
The Harvey Girls                 

Kristin Zarfos Vasiliou
Larry and Jeannie Lutz
David and Beth Mercier
Carl and Becky Drury
Thomas and Diana Readon 
Will and Sheryl Anthony
Gordon and Kimberly Zimmerman 
Jeff and Chris Anderson


Frank and Annette Joyce
Ed and Lyn Blanchette
Mike and Cathy Lutz
Kevin and Anita Horrigan
Ken and Pat Cheloha
Kathy and Kevin Kane
John and Linda Donovan
Chip and Betsey Ware      
Jeff and Amy Brown
Rick and Julie Kaplan
Mike and Gena Marushack
Allen and Susan Karp
Fran and Kim Dalton                        

Dale and Michelle Lutz
Brian and Patricia Kearney
John and Maria Volle
Doug and MickeyLou McDaniels
Prasad Srinivasan
Bill and Maria Bloom
Teri Deehan
Scott and Noraleen LeClaire
Jay and Debbie Barris
Mark and Janet Bucior
Michael and Lisa Riggs
Pete and Laurie Boyd

 Friend to Everyone:

Tom and Laura Trojan
Ted and Angie Augustinos
Dr and Mrs Gerald Lawrence
Bob and Kim Quigley
Marty and Lori Edwards
Kevin and Stephanie Ollie
Kolin Printup
Jeff and Cindy Kretzmer
Mike and Sue Updike
Luciano and Judy Colasante
Jane Mastromarino 
Kerry Shaheen
Alyson Rod
Jim and Beth Joyce

Bob and Cathy Arciero
Leona and Harris Marcus
Allen and Susan Karp
Robert and Lucia Focht
Bob and Julia Rosner
Brad and Nancy Peters
Jim and Pam Fromme
Hans and Diane Kretzmer
Paul and Karen Caron
Jae and Kerry Lorenzet
Bob and Mary Place
Ben and Nick Colasante
Judy Sayed

Tracey Viola
Mark and Katy Giarratana
Ernie and Cara Andreoli
Ed and Laura Quinn
Joe and Christine Nuzzolo
Dennis Culhane
Chris and Lori Furlo
Mike and Lisa Solecki
Bill and Carol Mihal
Bob and Stephanie Howard
Paul and Jill Rocco
The Biglin Family
Dennis and Ingrid Metell

Other Donors:
Skip and Antoinette Moreau
Jim and Sari Rosokoff
Dick and Judy Stuckey
Barry and Judy Haskell
Chris and Gina D'Ambrosio
Susannah Bryne
Jody and Carrie Kretzmer
Nancy Noel
Jack and Dolly Dutton
Larry and Diane Longenecker
Phil Muisener
Dave and Suzanne Yeo
Ingred Maclean
Philippa Mastrangelo
Victoria Baker
Stacey Dipiazza
Thomas Flynn
Anne Miela
John and Karen Tierman
Jan Schwab

Special Thanks to our 2013 Corporate Donors:


Orthopaedic Sports Specialists
Med Aid 
Woodland Anesthesia
Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute

PT Partners
Jackson Lewis
Glastonbury Rotary Club

Friend to Everyone:
Dr Anthony Alessi
Canton Physical Therapy
Rockville Bank
Somerset Dental
Smart Start Pediatrics 
Smith Brothers
Dental Doctors of Somerset
Procare Physical Therapy
Carlson Therapy Network




Save the Date!

The 2013 Flag football
tournament is Saturday,
June 15, 2013.

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