2009 Flag Football Tournament

Congratulations to the 2009 Championship Teams:

Youth Division: Dillon Panthers
Middle Division: The Destroyers
Senior Division: Donkey Kong

2009 Photo Album

The KJLife 5:5 Flag Football Tournament on June 20th 2009 was a wonderful day for 320 participants, 112 volunteers and 100’s of supporters cheering on their friends or family. The tournament hosted a broad range of participants, big, small, fast, slow, boys, girls, experienced and learning on the go kids. In between games players were able to participate in other activities, face painting, obstacle course, enjoying the concession stand and cheering on their friends on other teams. Younger siblings were able to join in the fun with the obstacle course and face painting!

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and the committee for our first Flag Football Tournament would like to thank our Corporate Sponsors  

Leadership:($1500 donation) Inspiration ($1000 donation) Friend to Everyone ($500 donation)

Woodland Anesthesiology Associates

Orthopaedic Sports Specialists


John Hancock

Glastonbury Rotary Club


Department of Orthopedic Surgery
at St. Francis Hospital

Somerset Group

PT Partners


Charles Fine Wine

General Landscaping

Bishop Photography

General Landscaping

Northwestern Mutual

Rockvile Bank

UCONN/St Francis Hospital
Sports Medicine Fellowship

Athletic Trainer Solutions

Orthopedic Associates of Central Connecticut


The Kenneth Joyce Foundation and the committee for our 2nd annual Flag Football Tournament would like to thank our Friends and Family Donors  

Leadership:($500 donation) Inspiration: ($250 donation) Friend to Everyone: ($100 donation)

Scarangela Family

Barriss Family

Lutz Family of CA

Mercier Family

Court and Barbara Lewis

Colasante Family

Angeledes Family

Janssen Family

Sundean Family

Marushack Family of North Carolina

Anthony Family

Zimmerman Family

Anderson Family

Horrigan Family

McCallum family of SC

Sullo Family

Ingenito Family

Biglin Family

Adam and Lisa Morgan

Puopolo Family

The Dan Culhane Estate

Bloom Family

Karp Family

Kearney Family

Foster Family

Ostrowski Family

Radocchia Family

Arciero Family

Maynard Family

Thiesfield Family

Taylor Family

Dukes Family of OK

Donovan Family of Oregan

Brown Family

Dalton Family

Wolf Family of Pennsylvania

Augustinos Family

Drury Family

Jeff Kretzmer Family

Morgan Family

Ben Anthony's 12th Birthday

Brown Family

Drury Family

Frank and Annette Joyce

Le Claire Family

Volle Family

Latham Family

Focht Family

Colasante Family of OH

Hopewell PTO

Rosokoff Family

Lang Family

Quinn Family

The Steve Kaplan Family

Nick and Ben Colasante

Korpers Family

Rosner Family

The Hans Kretzmer Family

Wigglesworth Family

Montminy Family

Lacher Family

Margaret Wilcox and Family

The Andreoli Family

Mardirossian Family

Buicor Family

Peters Family

Cooper Family

Moreau Family

Printup Family

Folz Family of KY

Lankarge Family

Britnell Family

Cooper Family

Kane Family of CA

Peters Family

Furlo Family

Giarrantano/Becker Family

Prete Family

Jim and Beth Joyce


Grasiosi Family

The Richard Kretzmer Family

Philip Muisener

Bisson Family

James Schepker

The Longenecker Family of Florida

Lissie Brooks

Olivia Orill

Lindsay, Lexi, Madi and Laureen's Lemonade stand

D'Ambrosio Family

Quigly Family









Special Thanks go to:

Biz Wiz: For your generosity with the event t-shirts, banners and field signs

Bogners: For your generosity with the hot dogs and burgers

Wendy Burnham, personally and professionally: For all your wonderful logos, program and banner design work to create The Kenneth Joyce Foundation as a unique and special foundation

Dicks Sporting Goods: For your donation of supplies for the event

Finlay Printing: For the production of our brochure

Glastonbury Youth Football Association: For your ongoing support, the use of grills, equipment

The Kalagher Family at Finlay Printing: For the production of our event program

Jackson Lewis Law Firm: For the donation of referee shirts and flags

Dr Sanjay Sinha: For designing the original KJ Life website, for the creativity and the constant updates

Our Event Photographers: Lauren Cunningham Photography, Lori DiVicino, Jane Mastromarino and Kerrie Pensiero

Paradise Resturant Supply: For the on-site refrigerator

Regional Market: For your donations to the concession stand

Robb’s Ice Cream: For your donation of ice cream and the freezer for the event

Laura Schwartz and Anthony Pizzonisto: For accountant services from Barron, Yanaros and Caruso

Sartorius Sports: For your contribution towards the Powertech shorts and shirts

Save the Date!

The 2013 Flag football
tournament is Saturday,
June 15, 2013.

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KJ Life Bottled Spring Water

The Kenneth Joyce Foundation is selling our own branded spring water thru glas® water.  The bottles are BPA free and are completely recyclable (including the lids).  If you, your business or your organization is interested in selling our water please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange for delivery by the case.

Our Volunteers

The Joyce Family would like to acknowledge the committee members for their dedication to the Foundation and to the memory of Kenneth. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, your devotion means more than we can say.

  • Jeff Anderson
  • Will and Sheryl Anthony
  • Alex and Stacey Britnell
  • Wendy Burnham
  • Dan and Amy Colasante
  • Kristin Cunningham
  • Kim Dalton
  • Carl and Becky Drury
  • Jim Fromme
  • Pam Fromme
  • Ray Guasp
  • Phaion Hill
  • Bob Howard
  • Mike and Kim Ingenito
  • Jeff and Cindy Kretzmer
  • Hans Kretzmer
  • Brad and Nancy Peters
  • Debbie Riggot
  • Jill Rocco
  • Lisa Solecki
  • Chip and Betsy Ware

Our Committee thanks all of the volunteers... and there are lots of you... each of you are wonderful!!